Our Philosophy

Zero2Five Homebased Care ECE believes that every child needs to be treated as unique and special, to have a stimulating education environment, while still experiencing the warm, nurturing and family oriented care offered within a home. Children will be treated as individuals in an environment where their interest, strengths and capabilities are supported and extended.

Zero2Five Homebased Care ECE believes that relationships form the key to quality education. Children learn best when they engage in experiences that interest them, and the educarers, parents and child work together to increase understanding, respect and knowledge as they are active participants in their own learning.
As a home-based service, we value the natural rhythms of the home, the grace of unhurried time and the opportunity for children to engage in projects of variety and stimulating interests.

  • Safety - we adhere to all safety requirements and compliances
  • Stimulating - varied and interesting environment in their own community
  • Understanding - meeting the needs of both child and parents
  • Educational - individual needs
  • Healthy - clean, warm environment
  • Flexible - meeting your own and child's needs
  • Communication - we support the philosophy of CHORD
Clear - Honest - Open - Respectful - Direct