Why choose Zero2Five?

What can Zero2Five offer my child educationally?

Zero2Five believes that children's learning begins in the home environment. We believe in taking a holistic approach to the development and needs of the child by providing an educational programme that focuses on the child's strengths and interests. Zero2Five believes that relationships form the key to quality education. Children learn best when they engage in experiences that interest them and the educators, alongside the parents, working in partnership to increase understanding, respect and knowledge for each child. Learning should be fun and age appropriate to their needs and abilities.

Zero2Five aim to provide quality care and education to all children involved in our programme. All our educators endeavor to provide a stimulating, nurturing, home environment where children will have the opportunity to be looked upon as individuals and their strengths realised, extended and developed.

Children thrive on being in the home environment as they can experience one on one interactions with their educator through small ratios, social interactions with peers, they are able to stay in their own routine and can be involved in everyday activities such as going the park, beach, playgroups, music and movement, going out into the community visiting the library and the supermarket.
Zero2Five offers all children and educators:

A qualified and registered Visiting Teacher, who implements an educational programme based on the childs strengths and interests. The visiting teacher visits the educator once a month and is responsible for providing on-going support and knowledge of child development and education. They are in regular contact with the educator every two weeks to ensure consistent, quality care is implemented. This is done through written observations on the child and also photo documentation. These observations are also kept in the child's portfolio/scrapbook.
A scrapbook/portfolio where educators document what learning has occurred over the month and also activities in which the child has participated in. This is done through a "learning story" format, written observations, anecdotal records, photos, artwork and snap shots of their day. Your child's scrapbook/portfolio is available at any time for your child to look at and we encourage parents to be involved in their child's learning through "Family Stories", written by the parents, snap shots of the day and also our new e-portfolios on educa. Many of our educarers use a little of all these formats as a way of keeping consistent communication with families on their child's learning and development
All of our educators follow the NZ early childhood curriculum "Te Whaariki", which provides a holistic approach to the development and education of our children, this ensures all their needs are met.
Each educator implements a daily diary on the child which ensures parents are informed on a daily basis what has happened throughout the day. Parents are also encouraged to write in the diary any messages for the educator for the day.
Resources are available to educators to support children's learning and development.